Dirty little rascals

Writer/ Director

Poster design by Jack Pell

Poster design by Jack Pell

Dirty Little Rascals is a coming-of-age story that explores boyhood and the budding friendship between two outcast teenagers, set in suburban 1980’s England.

Reg, a thirteen year old misfit, reluctantly recruits Dom, an introversive boy from his class, to pull off the heist of a lifetime: to retrieve a bin full of pornographic newspaper clippings hidden within his Grandmothers house.

Written and Directed by: Ben Bovington-Key

Produced by: Harry Green & Ben Mickshik

Director of Photography: Joel Spence

Edited by: Georgios Hartofilakidis

Production Design by: Ella Ribak

Sound Design by: Chistoph Pelczar & Filip Sowa

Music by: Reid Anderson

Additional Soundtrack by: The Specials

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